Short Films

Short Films

Watch all the Onyx short films for a longer film experience.

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Short Films
  • Creepy Bat In Our House! | Cartoon

    We worked with Storybooth to create an animation of one of the funniest (and scariest) moments in our life!

    Sound Effects by
    - Mike Koenig
    Music by
    - Kevin MacLeod
    - Twin Musicom
    - Audionautix
    - Epidemic Sound

  • Nightmare On Onyx Street

    Does the Halloween season scare you? Shasha says she doesn't get scared by anything and that Halloween is a waste of time. Overhearing Shasha's conversation with Shiloh, a creepy old man at a pumpkin patch confronts the two, leaving them a bit spooked. The old man declares that Shasha will soon b...