Storytime With The Onyx Family

Storytime With The Onyx Family

Bedtime stories made for your kids. Join the Onyx Family as they read to you, page by page. New episodes weekly.

Onyx Kids Adventures is a funny and thrilling illustrated kid book series from the original series Onyx Kids and Onyx Family on Onyx Flix and YouTube. Onyx Kids chronicles the adventures of brother and sister, Shiloh and Shasha, and their entire Onyx Family. The Onyx Kids encounter spooky creatures, crazy teachers, and weird friends who somehow all end up at the Onyx House where all the comedy and drama ensue.

Storytime With The Onyx Family
  • Shiloh Reads Kitchen Kreepers

    Shiloh ordered something online that promised to be a keeper, but when it is actually delivered it ended up being a creepy kreeper.

  • Shasha Reads Kidnapped By A Dragon

    It's Valentine's Day and Shasha is awaiting her Valentine. But instead of getting flowers and chocolates she gets stinky breath and rotten eggs. A huge dragon kidnaps her and for his Valentine treat, he wants to eat Shasha. Will she escape before she becomes his meal or will her Valentine rescue ...

  • Sinead Reads Pop Me If You Dare

    Shasha's balloon has come to life and has become a big problem for Shiloh. Is he blowing things way out of proportion, or will this balloon eat him up alive?